IMC during the COVID-19 pandemic
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  1. Does IMC accept insurance?
    No, IMC does not accept insurance and all payments are due in full at the time of service. IMC services may be eligible for out-of-network coverage. IMC will provide a detailed invoice for you to submit directly to your insurance company. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on your out-of-network benefits and deductible. Most labs and other procedures can be completed at in-network facilities, and these may be eligible for payment through insurance.
  2. Does IMC accept Medicare?
    No, Dr. Link does not accept Medicare for new patients.
  3. What is the cost for services at IMC?
    Please see our detailed price list.
  4. Can I use my FSA/HSA at IMC?
    Yes! You can use your FSA/HSA funds for medical services and for purchases of vitamins and supplements at the Integrative Medicine Shoppe!
  5. Does IMC offer primary care
    Yes, IMC does offer some primary care services. However, IMC is not in-network for any insurance companies, so we do not meet the requirements to be the listed primary care provider for insurance plans. IMC does not offer 24-hour emergency on call services. For medical emergencies please contact your primary care provider or seek care at an urgent care clinic or ER.
  6. Can children be patients at IMC?
    Yes! IMC welcomes patients 2 years and older!
  7. Does IMC offer Wellness Visits?
  8. Does IMC provide women’s health?
    Yes! Physician Assistant Julianna Link, PA-C is available for comprehensive female health service.
  9. Will IMC fill my prescriptions
    The providers at IMC are licensed to write and refill prescriptions.
  10. How do I get to IMC?
    IMC is located at 1002 Diamond Ridge Suite 1200 in Jefferson City, Missori. Get Directions